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ISBN: 978-0-545-06911-3



Edith M. Hemingway & Jacqueline C. Shields

Rebel Hart is the story of Nancy Hart, an actual Confederate spy who lived in the mountains of western Virginia during the Civil War. Filled with fervor for the Confederate Cause and a desire for adventure, fourteen-year-old Nancy ran away from family and farm to join the Moccasin Rangers, a band of rebel raiders. Shunned by her family, twice captured by the enemy and with a price on her head, Nancy found herself in a day to day struggle for survival. Nancy's experiences, that of an ordinary young woman caught in the extraordinary circumstances of the Civil War, change her from an impetuous girl to a strong young woman.

Nancy Hart, with her passion for the Confederacy and her zeal for life, remains a legend in West Virginia to this day. Her story is an amazing mixture of fact and folklore, documented through the years by old newspapers and an intriguing Civil War photo.

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What readers have said…

Rebel Hart focuses on how the Civil War not only tore apart the nation, but also many families.  It also shows that females had strong beliefs and were willing to fight for them.  We give it five stars.”
Mrs. Thompson’s sixth grade language arts class, Chambersburg Area Middle School

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