Summer Shorts Anthology(Blooming Tree Press)
Look for “The Seal of Marsh Cove” on page 118.
ISBN: 0-9769417-5-9 $8.95
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Blooming Tree Press

A Short Story


Edith Morris Hemingway

with illustration by Regan Johnson

“The Seal of Marsh Cove” is the story of Bryn and her father and their unusual adventure while canoeing on the coastal waters of Maine.  Not only does the story present a strong bond between a girl and her father, but also teaches many of the basic canoe skills and water safety measures, as well as depicting the coastal environment of Maine with its rocky shoreline, wildlife inhabitants, and quick changes of weather.  Add to that an unusual experience with harbor seals and their innate curiosity, and I hope you find a story you can’t resist.

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