That Smudge of Smoke is now available wherever books are sold and can be ordered directly from BeaLu Books with free shipping

Here’s a link to the feature article on That Smudge of Smoke in the Spring 2024 edition of The Local Scoop magazine.

I will be at Beville Middle School in Woodbridge, VA on March 21st all day and at the Steamboat Era Museum in Irvington, VA on Saturday, April 6th from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.

Here’s what 6th grade teacher, Heidi Haywood, had to say about reading That Smudge of Smoke with all five of her classes:

“The last two days were very emotional for me as I read the last few pages of this gorgeous book by Edith Hemingway with my students. No matter how hard I tried, the tears just kept coming during all five class periods as we said goodbye to Piper, Dorie, Smudge, and Garrett.  Of all the books I have read with my students through the years, this one is by far my favorite. Like Piper so wisely says, characters in books become our friends. As each class finished today we all clapped with joy, but we all admitted that we weren’t ready to be finished just yet.  Oh, this book became so real for us!  Edie’s beautiful story of Piper and her adventures on a steamboat sailing along the Chesapeake is masterfully written and is a true gift for readers of all ages.  Thank you for this unforgettable opportunity.”



School and Library Visits

Edie at a school visit

As a former teacher myself, I particularly enjoy visiting schools, libraries, and book clubs to talk about my experiences as an author, the research and writing processes, or to give hands-on creative writing workshops.   I welcome email questions and comments from teachers and students and look forward to school visits!



Choose a topic from below:

  • Breathing life into your story:  It’s all in the details.
  • Turning Truth to Fiction
  • When your editor says your character isn’t stepping up to the plate…
  • Using Emotion to Connect with Your Readers
  • Building a Historical World
  • The Research and Writing Process
  • The Revision Process



Or choose your own customized workshop on an element of the craft of writing.





Below are links to discussion questions and activities that I hope will give teachers ideas for using THAT SMUDGE OF SMOKE, ROAD TO TATER HILL, BROKEN DRUM, or REBEL HART as part of their literature, language arts, social studies, and even music curricula.  



Discussion Guides (downloadable pdfs)


ROAD TO TATER HILL  Discussion Guide BROKEN DRUM Discussion Questions
ROAD TO TATER HILL Teacher Activity Guide REBEL HART Literature Circle Questions

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